AAU Honorary Doctorates 2020

AAU Honorary Doctorates 2020

The official award of five honorary doctorates at AAU in 2020 is postponed to next year due to the coronavirus situation, but the names are in place. See the five women who are the 2020 honorary doctorate recipients here.

Text: Trine Kristensen, AAU Communication
Translation: LeeAnn Iovanni, AAU Communication
Photo collage: Lea Laursen Pasgaard, AAU Communication

Traditionally, honorary doctorates are awarded every year at AAU, one for each faculty. Also traditionally, the title is officially awarded at the AAU annual celebration. But as you know, like so much else, the annual celebration was unfortunately cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The five 2020 honorary doctorate recipients have agreed to be officially designated at the 2021 annual celebration, but you can now read more about the individual recipients for 2020 here:

About AAU honorary doctorate recipients

Honorary doctorates at AAU are awarded to highly regarded researchers who have made a significant impact on the research environment at AAU through international research collaboration. Every year, AAU selects an international researcher in each of the university's main areas to recognize with the highest academic distinction: Doctor Honoris Causa.

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Academic Round Table

In connection with the award of the five honorary doctorates at the AAU annual celebration, the researchers should have also been part of the Academic Round Table – a roundtable talk between the honorary doctorate recipients and younger researchers in the AAU Talent Management Programme with Rector Per Michael Johansen. The Academic Round Table took place for the first time in 2019.

The purpose of the event is to facilitate the exchange of experience between the honorary doctorate recipients and the younger researchers where topics such as academic career paths, interdisciplinary research and the future role of universities are in focus.

Academic Round Table 2020 was of course also cancelled, but it is planned for 2021 instead.

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